White fan folding chair

 White Fan Folding Chair

$3.50 each


White Americana Padded Folding Chair

60 available 

(More may be available on request)


$7.00 each

Willow Arch with white lillies

Willow Arch with white artificial lilies


Willow Arch- Pink Blossom

Willow Arch- with artificial pink blossoms

(also available in white blossom or a mix of pink and white)


 Willoaw Arch with artificial flowers and pearls Willow Arch heavily decorated with artificial flowers and pearls


Rose Arch with artificial white roses


 Chuppah with bamboo poles and organza

Chuppah with organza


Chuppah with artificial flowers


Chuppah with two fresh flower arrangements at front corners. Fresh flower arrangements are yours to keep after the ceremony






Sandstone Urn & Pedestal with artificial white lillies

Sandstone Urn & Pedestal with artificial white lilies

$65.00 unit

(urn, flowers & pedestal)

 Chair Covers & Sashes

Chair Covers & Sashes

choose from a selection of sash colours


(does not include chair)

Bluestone urn and pedestal with artificial roses


Bluestone Urn & Pedestal with mixed artificial roses or lilies                 


$65.00 unit

(urn, flowers & pedestal)

White sanstone urns and pedastals with artificial lilies

White Sandstone Urn & Pedestal with artificial white lilies

$65.00 unit

(urn, flowers & pedestal)

White rose topiary trees

White Rose Topiary Trees (2 large and 6 small available)

$20.00 each

6m marine red carpet

 6m Marine Red Carpet


 8m Plush Red Carpet


10m marine red carpet

 12m Marine Red Carpet



8m Plush White Carpet

Hire conditions apply



6m Plush White Carpet

Hire conditions apply

Rose petal aisle

Fresh Multi-Coloured Rose Petal Aisle - 6m                                         

Single colour petal aisles may be accommodated subject to availability. Please ask for a quotation.

$65.00 light

$120.00 heavy

Shepherds hooks and white rose Kissing Balls

White Shepherd's Hooks with white artificial rose kissing balls

$25.00 each

$20.00 without rose ball

Basket of Rose petal cones

 Basket of Fresh Rose Petal Confetti cones (24 cones)


($4.50 each)

Square registry table

Registry Table with white cloth and organza table skirt


Registry table, cloth, skirt, two chairs, two chair covers, sashes and matching runner




White Bali Flags

Bali Flags (white, blue & red flags) other colours available on request - 5m flag height

$75.00 each

Refreshment Package

Refreshment Service Package - includes tables, cloths, champagne, wine and soft-drink glasses, waitstaff with RSA, ice buckets on stands, clean up and removal of rubbish.  If you are using the OPH Rose Garden kiosks, we clean up for you so that your bond is refunded.


package does not include drinks or  ice


Please contact us for a quotation
 Wedding white parasols  

Wedding Parasol hire only. (guests do not get to keep the parasols) Smaller quantities of red and pink also available.

$3.00 each

60- $180.00

80- $240.00

90- $270.00

White-framed blackboard  directional sign

White Black Board Signs to direct guests from parking to your ceremony location


Sound System 1- Party Waker, comes with microphone on lead, microphone stand, USB, Iphone or AUX connection to play your ceremony music, for the celebrant or for readers


$60.00 DIY

$100.00 with operator

  Sound System 2-  comes with remote headset and hand-held mics, USB, Iphone or AUX and a number of other input connections

$80.00 DIY

$120.00 with operator

Welcome Sign with your names in a frame on an easel


Rain umbrellas:     

6 large white golf umbrellas

5 regular white wedding umbrellas

6 large clear plastic umbrellas

$5.00 each

Aisle bows

Aisle Bows for your un-covered chairs or to add highlights to covered chairs (various colours available)

$2.50 each

White paper lanterns

White Paper Lanterns- hanging in lower limb trees (weather permitting). Other colours available 

$10.00 each

Basket with 24 bubbles- for guests to blow beautiful bubbles as you walk down the aisle


 Hire of a flower girl's basket


Hire of a ring cushion for young attendant (3 different designs)